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Hey, I'm a singer and composer and would like to build up a music project which lives from the people within. It is important that you know how you interpret your instrument in your personal way and that you can adapt yourself into a group. I would like to build a melting pod of people who express themself but where I, if necessary, give the direction and the focus! My recent projects: If you are interested, just write shortly.
Hallo, ich bin 24 Jahre alt, spiele Tenorsax. und suche eine Partyband (Cover).
Kontrabassklarinette/Baritonsaxophon sucht Musiker. Ich bin 40, ehemaliger Profidrummer, spiele mehrere Instrumente. Ich suche Leute zum Improvisieren (echt Improvisieren, nicht als Standards getarntes Nachspielen). Instrumente, Stimmen, DJs, Bühne, im Park, Proberaum, Profit/Non-profit ...sehr gerne. Freu mich Flo
Smooth Jazz , Chill Lounge R&B Music! Saxophonist sucht engagierte semiprof. Musiker / Band / Projekte. Spiele auch Aushilfen für Coverbands oder Studioproduktion. Std. 50 Euro + Spesen. (Sheets sind von der Band zu stellen) Demo: Eigenes: Demo: Cover:
I'm playing the bass, didgeridoo, darbuka, frame drum, cajon, Tibetan bowls, shrooti box, Tabla. I wish to find the right people for a serious project with the aim of performing. I am influenced by prog rock, funk, fusion jazz, world, Indian, electronic, grunge, classical music. I feel I have a lot to offer in the right band. I provide a strong stage energy and can play long. Proficient musicians please!