Musiker sucht Bass
Deep/Kraut/Dub/Reggae We are 3 musicians from Berlin (keys/synth, git/bass/vocals, drums/perc) playing together music, inspired by the sound of Jamaica (60s/70s), Germany 70's, UK 80's and try to find our own sound of today for live performance and improvisation, chillin and dancing. It's rather about ideas, atmosphere, groove and sounds than virtuosity on the instruments.So we are very open to your ideas and influence! Own Room, no commercial ambitions. Please send eMail (Deutsch/English)!
Vocalist für alles in Richtung Metal/Hardcore sucht Band oder Mitglieder zwecks Neugründung. Grobe Demo im Anhang. Einflüsse: The Plot in You, Make Them Suffer, Fit For an Autopsy, Guilt Trip, Linkin Park, Deftones, Loathe, Silent Planet, Gideon.
Gitarrist sucht BASS + DRUMS + SINGER für HARDROCK / METAL BAND. Ambitionierte Leute um die 30-50 Jahre mit Equipment. Ziel: 1-2 x Wo/We Probe, Gigs mit eigenen Songs (ein paar Cover OK), DemoCD. Proberaum in Tempelhof vorhanden. Mehr Infos - einfach melden!
Alt-rockband (1guitar\vox and 1 drummer) we are looking for a committed bassist (F/M) we're these guys No need to be a super skilled player but someone creative and competent ,to be in a band is something that interests you ,not as a pastime. We do have a set of songs and you can put your ideas on them.We constantly compose new songs,We record often and next we want to gig . We're not Metal/Punk/HC.
Alternative rock band (Drums und Gitarrist/vox) suchen kreative Bassist (W/M). Du solltest zuverlässig sein und mindestens 1 mal pro Woche proben können. Wir haben fertig Songs, aber es gibt aber immer Platz für eigene Ideen. Auch wir komponieren neuen Songs zusamen. Nur Leute mit Leidenschaft bitte. Wir wollen gigs, Tours etc..