Musiker sucht Bass
Electric Guitarist from Berlin, experienced in bands and on stage, is looking for project or musicians 30 plus (sorry - no beginners, please). My influences: Radiohead, Nick Cave, PJ Harvey, The Fall, The Clash, Suuns, Einstürzende Neubauten and many more. Creating new stuff together out of jams would be fine. I am definitely not going to play your already written stuff or do any covers. Positive and open minded for a lot of ideas as long as it is no metal, HC oder Schlager.
Hi ,we're drum+guitar/singer and we'd like to team up with like minded bassist. There are good players here but where is the fire ? Where are the people who are willing to push ? Hobbyists?no please . Some points to consider ... Before you go ahead check the link to have an idea of what we do(Garage Rock, Funk, Post-Punk,Psychedelic all mixed together) If you want to sing or like to write lyrics you are welcome too .I have no studio now so I'd suggest to play temporally at the Noisy or cheaper
Gibt es hier auch Anfänger(-bands)? :D Ich habe angefangen Schlagzeug zu lernen und spiele ein wenig länger Gitarre. Beides bewegt sich aber nicht auf einem Profi-Niveau. Würde mich freuen, wenn es hier den ein oder anderen gibt, der auch noch am Anfang steht und Lust hat zusammen in einer Band zu üben und besser zu werden. Cheers!
Hi, we're looking for a new member (f) for our music project that might be into bands such as Yo La Tengo, Stereolab and Sonic Youth. You could either be a bassist or a second guitarist, or someone who could do a bit of both. It would be great if you like to sing as well but that's not a must. More important is that you’re in Berlin for the long term and that you are an active, creative musician : ) If the above applies to you, we would be super thrilled to hear from you!
Hi liebe Musiker, ich bin Gitarrist Akustik und E-Gitarre und suche Leute zum Jammen und zum Bandaufbau. Bin kein Anfänger, süchtig nach meinem Instrument und offen für alles, was groovt. Hab jahrelange Bühnenerfahrung... Freu mich auf euch! Gruß, Florian