Musiker sucht Musiker
Tinkering and experimenting with words, electronics and effects is what I like doing best. Looking for similar. #electronica, #quirky, #camp, #irreverent, #experimental and... heaps of #attitude. Please do bring something wild to the table.
hi, suche gesang/stimme zum freien improvisieren, ich spiele e8itarre, spielen nach gehör/reaktion. die stimme als instrument, das instrument als stimme
ich habe interesse an freier improvisation, spielen nach gehör. ehrlich nix anderes, betreff dieser Anzeige. (falls das nicht bekannt ist, hilft zb suche im netz oder wiki oder der weblink...) e8itarre sucht andere Musiker - batterie geht auch...draussen (im Sommer)
We are LEMON EYE, a Pop/Rock/Indie band, currently looking for a new BASS player. We work on our original music, with the goal of playing gigs and recording our first singles in the near future. Influences range from Pop, Rock to RnB, Funk and Indie. We are looking for someone passionate and reliable, who can rehearse (at least) once a week and takes the project as seriously as we do. If you're interested tell us a bit about yourself, and we can share some of our music with you. Peace!
Guitar player is looking for Bassman/-woman. This is about alternative/postpunk/new wave-ish things, not Metal etc. and also no covers. Gitarrist sucht Bassisten/-in. Es soll um alternative/postpunk/new wave gehen. Neues Material zusammen mit dir gebastelt, also: keine Covers.