Gitarre sucht Band
Hello all, I am Clément, 32, french. I play guitar, and synth. I am looking for any good opportunity to play anything between rock and indie. Even fine with Electro/Pop if it is good. Idealy, looking for an "motivated amateur" formation, of 3-4 poeple (me incl.) in the 25-35 yo. My absolute ref. is "De Staat": google them :)! My (old-untouched-for-a-while) indie rock demos: My more Electronic Soundcloud:
Hi , I play guitar and sing and I'd like to team up with like minded people . Sure there are good players here but where is the fire ? Where are the people who are willing to push ? Hobbyists?no please . Some points to consider ... Before you go ahead check the link to have an idea of what I do (Garage Rock, Funk , Post-Punk, Psychedelic rock all mixed together) Anyone looking for to sing too or like to write lyrics is welcome I have no studio now so I'd suggest to play at the Noisy or similar
Gitarrist (52) aus dem Stildunstkreis Jazz, Funk & Blues, sucht bestehende Band/Projekt, o. engagierte Musiker mit Notenkenntnissen (geübte Amateure & Semiprofis), für: Schlagzeug, Bass, Saxophon, Keyboards. Demo:
Gitarrist, 23, 10+ Jahre Erfahrung sucht Band/Musiker im Bereich Metalcore, PHC. Sehr zuverlässig, sehr ambitioniert und sehr engagiert.
Erfahrener Gitarrist (Lead mit viel Improvisation) sucht Mitmusiker oder Anschluss an eine Band mit Vorliebe Rock und Bluesrock der 60er und 70er Jahre.