Gitarre sucht Band
Hallo, Ich suche nach neuen Bandprojekt. Ich spiele synthi (Moog) Gitarre , treatments, und auch schlagzeug. Krautrock / Can, Faust, Eno, Magazine, 80s dark stuff
Moin. Gittarist Mitte 20 sucht Band. Rock/Alternative/Blues vtl. Metal, bin selber eher semi-professionell/amateur, suche entsprechende Band mit entsprechenden Erwartungen
Hi! My name is Cami (23) and I am a beginner-guitarist. I would love to meet new musicians (and maybe to ground a new band together). I`ve started playing guitar when I was 16 but I’ve taken it seriously only 6 months ago, but I am very motivated to improve and learn! I also practice everyday at home. Any instrument or idea is welcomed (another guitar, bass, drum, voice… ect.). I like rock music, mostly altenative rock, garage rock, Indie or Blues (I’m very open to every style). Let me know!
Gitarre & Gesang für Tanzmusik
Hi everyone, I´m a guitarist and I´m searching a band. My aim is to create new songs, play some cover and to relax me, but because I have already a job, I could one time per week. I play and listen mainly Blues, Rock. Here some (old) video of mine: I´m waiting for your Answer :)