Musiker sucht Band
Hilfe!! Jazzschlagzeuger auf der Flucht vor der Jazzpolizei sucht Unterschlupf !
Hello. Experienced drummer is looking a pro gigging band. Jazz, rock, blues, world, latin, dance, latin... Must be a pro band/group, no hobby. Thank you.
Dynamic all-around Drummer is looking for a band. Rock, Punk, Funk, Metal, Jazz, Blues, Double Bass, Groove, Laid Back, Jaeger, Laut, leise, schnell, langsam, gerade, ungereade, hoch und runter. Quer durch den Garten.
Moin, spiele seit 5 Jahren Gitarre (1/11 meines Lebens), also Anfänger und würde gern mit ner Band Punk, Grunge und Independent spielen. Bis dann, Karl Krach
I play bass and sing Looking for Drummer (above all ) ,Synth or guitar I listen to alt-rock , Indie and electronic music At the moment I have no rehearsal room (so ,see you at noisy rooms ? or if you have a studio ... great) Please no covers, metal, punk , noodling or bands with 2 guitars (I want to hear the bass) , also note this is a starting project I'm not interested in joining a band with material. Please ,nobody with a fix idea of emulating already existing bands ,songs ,etc...