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Swingender WASHBOARD- Spieler (52)sucht Band b.z.w. Musiker. Möchte Traditionellen Country, b.z.w. Bluegrass spielen.Also mit Banjo, Fiddle und Steel Guitar. Auch Irish Folk. You see me by YouTube : Micks Washboard in concert - Berlin, Britzer Garten 2010
Hey guys Im looking for a nerdy programmer-beatmaker,someone to help me set up my music programs-systems (Im a pop singer).Send me your links!xM
Hi there, I have started learning the alto sax. I have the basics and am beginning to get at a nice sound, but I am very much a beginner. I am looking for people that would like to play and learn together. I love jazz, neo-soul, funk, but would be happy to play in any genre. If you are interested dont hesitate to get in contact. Regards, Z (Based in Neukölln)
Sax 40+ R&B, Soul, Funk, Reggae Smooth Jazz sucht ENGAGIERTE Band auch Gründung, Level Auftrittserfahrung mittleres Blattspiel. Kein Oldschool Jazz, Fusion.