Musiker sucht Bass
Hobby-Sängerin (55 Jahre junggeblieben) sucht Leute zum gemeinsamen musizieren, einfach zum Spaß, ohne jeglichen Krampf. Ich suche keine Band
Hallo leute, M, Ü40, aus X-Berg, Hobby E-schlagzeuger (lerne gerade, würde mich als leicht fortgeschritten einstufen). Suche jemand der JAMMEN und NUR jammen möchte, und dabei spaß haben. Gerne Oldies, Funk, new wave, 90´s Rock,Pop, Punk. Meldet euch!!(Nazis, Covidioten und Pro russischen: fuck you). LG Rob.
ALTER SACK, 53, zunehmend entspannt, sucht erfahrene Musiker, gern älter, für eine neue alternative Combo (new wave, post-punk etc.) mit eigenen Ideen (heißt: keine covers). Meldet euch gern, ihr seid nicht zu alt. OLD BAT, 53, relaxed type, seeking experienced musicians for new alternative band (new wave, post-punk etc.). Music should be our own (so no covers). No, you’re not too old, so let’s get in touch.
Hello friends! I have spent some Corona-induced idle time to write down a few of my musical ideas. I would like to try them out on a the-new-20ties-riot-swing group with voice, keys, guitar, (upright ;3 ) bass, perc and a small brass section. I uploaded a few arrangements to my soundcloud profile: . If you like the idea, feel free to respond! Creative input is always appreciated : ) . And I'm 30 years old btw.
I'm looking for Metal/Rock Musicians with International background (USA, Sweden, Italy... Doesn't matter!). I play drums and guitar, love 70s Rock and 80s Metal and want to start something new. I'm 43 years old and originally from Berlin. I have a recording place, a rehearsal room and bunch of Band and Live Experience. You are a Singer or Guitar Player or Bass Player? You are also looking for a new Challenge and new Friends? No Nu Metal or Core Background? Love Black Sabbath? Send a Message!