Schlagzeugerin sucht gut bezahlte Konzerte. Pop, Rock, Fusion, Latin, Dance, Funk.
Tontechniker mit Anlage bietet seine Dienste an. Nähere Informationen bei Kontaktaufnahme.
Wir suchen für einen bezahlten Werbespot eine Band mit Männern und Frauen zwischen Anfang und Ende 40. Der Dreh soll am 15.5. in Berlin stattfinden. Gerne schicken wir genauere Infos bei Interesse: Wir freuen uns!
tour-, instrument- and stagetech and driver is looking for jobs! born 1979 and living in berlin (GER), tour- and stagetech, driver, tourmanager, musician. you can hire me for driving your van, setting up your concerts, as a backliner or stage- and instrument technician or for your tourmanagement on the road. i have a long experience in driving all kinds of vehicles up to 7.5to and have licenses for forklifts and boom lifts for your bigger events. please visit my website for more information.
musician (bass, dr, git) is looking for jobs, bands, projects (singer-songwriter, indie, punk…) born 1979 and living in berlin (GER), musician on guitar, bass, drums, keys and sax, queer-, punk- and DIY-background. i am available as a musician for recordings, live and touring. my first instrument is bass but i also play one of the following if requested: drums, guitar, keys and computer/synth, sax (only additional or for soundeffects), background vocals. for more info please visit my website.